Ah! My Goddess
Ah! My Goddess

Ah! My Goddess


Last Update: Apr 22,2015

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Romance Seinen Slice of Life
Author:FUJISHIMA Kosuke

Keiichi Morisato is a good-natured, yet hapless and girlfriend-less college sophomore who is often imposed upon by his elder dorm-mates and brow-beaten into taking phone messages and doing other chore...more

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Vol (310) Order
Vol.48 Ch.308.5 - To Everyone Who Loves [Megami-sama] Vol.48 Ch.308 - I Want to be with You Always Vol.48 Ch.307 - The Amazing Pair Left on the Surface Vol.48 Ch.306 - Stop Time Vol.48 Ch.305 - Back to Regular Life Vol.47 Ch.304 - Divine Certification Vol.47 Ch.303 - A Spell for Love Vol.46 Ch.302 - After the Victory Vol.46 Ch.301 - Last Stage Vol.46 Ch.300 - The Tracks of a Miracle Vol.46 Ch.299 - The Interval Between Life and Death Vol.46 Ch.298.5 - Extra Vol.46 Ch.298 - The Countdown of Life Vol.46 Ch.297 - Magical Encouragement Vol.46 Ch.296 - The First Challenge Vol.46 Ch.295 - Wall of the Daitenkaicho Vol.46 Ch.294 - Facing Resolution With Resolution Vol.46 Ch.293 - Crossing the Yet Unseen Sea Vol.46 Ch.292 - Proceeding to His Land Vol.46 Ch.291 - The Scenery I Want You to See. The Soundscape I Want You to Hear Vol.46 Ch.290 - That Which is Reflected in the Eyes Vol.45 Ch.289 - Choice Vol.45 Ch.288 - The Meaning of Trust Vol.45 Ch.287 - Judgement Gate Vol.45 Ch.286 - The Interspecies Intimacy Inquisition System Vol.45 Ch.285 - The True Kiss Vol.45 Ch.284 - The Daimakaicho's Fate Vol.45 Ch.283 - Hagal's Confession Vol.44 Ch.282 - For the Pipsqueak's Sake Vol.44 Ch.281 - Bonds of the Sisters Vol.44 Ch.280 - Demon Running Amok Vol.44 Ch.279 - The Daimakaichou's Responsibility Vol.44 Ch.278 - Flowers Blooming in the Demon Realm Vol.44 Ch.277 - That Which is Surely Present Vol.44 Ch.276 - Full-Demon Urd Vol.43 Ch.275 - Time to Forfeit Vol.43 Ch.274 - A Non-Face-to-Face Meeting Vol.43 Ch.273 - The Only One There Is Vol.43 Ch.272 - What I Can Do Because of You Vol.43 Ch.271 - Energy Draining Away Vol.43 Ch.270 - The Cursed Door Vol.43 Ch.269 - Quick Escape Contest!! Vol.42 Ch.268 - Are You Ready? Vol.42 Ch.267 - Mecha Soul Explosion!! Vol.42 Ch.266 - Counter-Attack Shavings Vol.42 Ch.265 - The Power of Love - Mecha Charge!! Vol.42 Ch.264 - Magic Cancellation Vol.42 Ch.263 - The Law of Aesthetics Vol.42 Ch.262 - An Emergency?! Vol.41 Ch.261 - Superhuman Limits Vol.41 Ch.260 - Destruction and Breakthrough Vol.41 Ch.259 - The Temptation to Sleep Vol.41 Ch.258 - The Invincible Slyum Vol.41 Ch.257 - Fist of the Demon Vol.41 Ch.256 - Brightness Vol.41 Ch.255 - The Darkness is Pierced Vol.40 Ch.254 - Shake, Darkness Vol.40 Ch.253 - Melt Into The Darkness Vol.40 Ch.252 - True Darkeness Vol.40 Ch.251 - Ride On Gluhendes Herz Vol.40 Ch.250 - Demon's Kiss Vol.39 Ch.249 - The Utility of Misunderstanding Vol.39 Ch.248 - Crystallization Of One Millionth Vol.39 Ch.247 - 3 Godesses, 3 Demons Vol.39 Ch.246 - The Demon Realm's Gate Vol.39 Ch.245 - Risk Everything Vol.39 Ch.244 - Close World Vol.39 Ch.243 - We Shall Fulfill Your Dreams Vol.38 Ch.242 - Emergency Request!! Vol.38 Ch.241 - Birth Vol.38 Ch.240 - The Banner of Revolution Vol.38 Ch.239 - A 1st Class Goddess Doesn't Lie Vol.38 Ch.238 - Chrono's Dance Vol.38 Ch.237 - The Motif Escaped To... Vol.37 Ch.236 - Hard Work Vol.37 Ch.235 - The Error Diffusion Amplifies Vol.37 Ch.234 - Change Of Tone Vol.37 Ch.233 - A world Without Sound Vol.37 Ch.232 - The Melancholy Of A Clumsy Goddess Vol.37 Ch.231 - The Maid From The Sky Vol.36 Ch.230 - Those Words, Again Vol.36 Ch.229 - Treachery, Collapsed Vol.36 Ch.228 - Overwritten Coupling Vol.36 Ch.227 - Why Does My Heart Throb So?! Vol.36 Ch.226 - Temporarily-named Great Detective's Reasoning Vol.36 Ch.225 - And Then, Oblivion Vol.35 Ch.224 - Drunken Queen Vol.35 Ch.223 - The Flower Can Continue To Bloom Vol.35 Ch.222 - Camera's Memories Vol.35 Ch.221 - Camera Talk Vol.35 Ch.220 - The Goddess Beyond The Lens Vol.35 Ch.219 - To A Higher Place! Vol.34 Ch.218 - A Goddess's Divine Protection Vol.34 Ch.217 - My Important Words, Your Cool And Clear Future Vol.34 Ch.216 - For Your Sake I'll Fly-y-y Vol.34 Ch.215 - Happy Monkey Generations Vol.34 Ch.214 - Engine Of Happiness Vol.34 Ch.213 - Happiness, Three Times Faster Vol.33 Ch.212 - The Wind We Feel Together Vol.33 Ch.211 - Goddess Dash Vol.33 Ch.210 - A Journey's Opening Cheer Vol.33 Ch.209 - Debut Vol.33 Ch.208 - A New Door Vol.33 Ch.207 - The Thing I Want To Make Vol.32 Ch.206 - Festival Vol.32 Ch.205 - Grand Showdown Vol.32 Ch.204 - The Sound That Reaches; The Voice That Doesn't Vol.32 Ch.203 - Firstr Encounter Vol.32 Ch.202 - Paradise On Earth Vol.32 Ch.201 - Let's Meet Again Vol.31 Ch.200 - The One Who Will Open This Door Is You ❤ Vol.31 Ch.199 - Goddess's Mission Vol.31 Ch.198 - Caught? Caught! Vol.31 Ch.197 - Door Of Interdiction?! Vol.31 Ch.196 - Return Vol.31 Ch.195 - Love Until Death Vol.30 Ch.194 - Overflowing With Love Vol.30 Ch.193 - Important Words Vol.30 Ch.192 - A First Class Goddess For Whose Sake? Vol.30 Ch.191 - The Laws Of Cause&Effect Over Rain And Happiness Vol.30 Ch.190 - Messenger Of Happiness Vol.30 Ch.189 - Happy! Happy? Vol.29 Ch.188 - The Power Of A First Class Goddess Vol.29 Ch.187 - The Path To Becoming A First Class Goddess Vol.29 Ch.186 - Wanted! Vol.29 Ch.185 - Beautiful Name Vol.29 Ch.184 - Heaven And Hell Vol.29 Ch.183 - Obstacles And Friendships Vol.28 Ch.182 - Courage And Practice Vol.28 Ch.181 - Fastest Broom, Most Exciting Race Vol.28 Ch.180 - Waterdropped Cat And The Magic Broom Vol.28 Ch.179 - What Can I Do For You Vol.28 Ch.178 - Something To Steal, Something To Protect Vol.28 Ch.177 - Little Voice, Big Worry Vol.27 Ch.176 - Proof Of Thanks Vol.27 Ch.175 - That Flying Thing Vol.27 Ch.174 - Anyone There? Vol.27 Ch.173 - About To Shoot You Vol.27 Ch.172 - Shoot Or Die! Vol.27 Ch.171 - Farewell Kiss Vol.27 Ch.170 - Planetwide Search Vol.26 Ch.169 - That Which I Want To Save Vol.26 Ch.168 - Angel's Scenery Vol.26 Ch.167 - Inside Belldandy Vol.26 Ch.166 - In Order To Call Together Vol.26 Ch.165 - Together With The Twin Angels Vol.26 Ch.164 - Joy And Duty Vol.26 Ch.163 - Fighting Wings,Soar Vol.25 Ch.162 - Goddess Of The AX Vol.25 Ch.161 - One Wing Vol.25 Ch.160 - Now, What Must Be Done Vol.25 Ch.159 - Agrowing Trick Vol.25 Ch.158 - One-winged Angel Appears Vol.25 Ch.157 - The Wing Dances Vol.25 Ch.156 - One Who Is Pleased With Fighting Vol.24 Ch.155 - Fighting Wings Vol.24 Ch.154 - I Dub Thee "Yufuin" Vol.24 Ch.153 - Ah! Hot Spring Vol.24 Ch.152 - That "True Self" Vol.24 Ch.151 - Prepared To Win, Prepared To Lose Vol.24 Ch.150 - Towards The Believing Road Vol.24 Ch.149 - About meeting while racing Vol.23 Ch.148 - Let's Dance Vol.23 Ch.147 - Mother's Battle, Father's Battle Vol.23 Ch.146 - Decision Time Vol.23 Ch.145 - Father's Hell Vol.23 Ch.144 - Goddess's Garden Vol.23 Ch.143 - Father Running Wild Vol.23 Ch.142 - "Bell And Keiichi And A troubling Guest" Vol.22 Ch.141 - The Thing Her Eyes Peflect Vol.22 Ch.140 - The Morisato Residence Is Empty Vol.22 Ch.139 - A Splendid Game Vol.22 Ch.138 - Mothe - -? Vol.22 Ch.137 - Costarring Vol.22 Ch.136 - Agreement Contract Vol.21 Ch.135 - What the Daimakaicho Wants Vol.21 Ch.134 - The Last Resort Vol.21 Ch.133 - Longer Legs,Stretching,and a Cat Vol.21 Ch.132 - The Thing Goddess do not Forget Vol.21 Ch.131 - The Things that can be done Vol.21 Ch.130 - The Demon Over There Vol.20 Ch.129 - Endless Battle Part II Vol.20 Ch.128 - Endless Battle Vol.20 Ch.127 - The Strongest Magic Vol.20 Ch.126 - Aberrant Kiss Vol.20 Ch.125 - The Race Begins! Goddess Acts too! Vol.20 Ch.124 - Keiichi's Distance, Hasegawa's Distance Vol.20 Ch.123 - Everybody Race Vol.20 Ch.122 - Crash Course Continues Vol.20 Ch.121 - The Cursed Chief Vol.19 Ch.120 - The Way of Competition Vol.19 Ch.119 - Let's decide the New Chief Vol.19 Ch.118 - That Which reveals Life Vol.19 Ch.117 - Human, Machine Vol.19 Ch.116 - Dr.Morrow's Trap Vol.19 Ch.115 - Human Dreams, Can they be Destroyed Vol.19 Ch.114 - Dr.Morrow Appears!!! Vol.19 Ch.113 - Welcome Home Vol.18 Ch.112 - Three Parts, One Body Vol.18 Ch.111 - True Form Spotted!!! Vol.18 Ch.110 - What's At the Mountain Pass Vol.18 Ch.109 - My Song is your Song Vol.18 Ch.108 - The Thing that Travels Vol.18 Ch.107 - If You are There Vol.18 Ch.106 - Spread Out, Spread Out Vol.18 Ch.105 - Goddess Invalidation Vol.17 Ch.104 - A Little Emotion Vol.17 Ch.103 - So that we are Acquainted Vol.17 Ch.102 - I Want to walk with You Vol.17 Ch.101 - Returning Time Vol.17 Ch.100 - Endless Times and Hope Vol.17 Ch.099 - Truth Of the Doublet Vol.17 Ch.098 - Light and Shadow Vol.16 Ch.097 - The Fourth Goddess, Revived Vol.16 Ch.096 - Boy's Memories Vol.16 Ch.095 - A Phenomenon Begins!! Vol.16 Ch.094 - A Boy the Goddesses Know Vol.16 Ch.093 - Banpei-Kun's Tears Vol.16 Ch.092 - Welcome Vol.16 Ch.091 - Let's Hold Hands! Vol.15 Ch.090 - Without Letting go of your Hand Vol.15 Ch.089 - The Other Me Vol.15 Ch.088 - Empathy Vol.15 Ch.087 - The Secret of Speed Vol.15 Ch.086 - Megumi vs. Queen Vol.15 Ch.085 - Queen Sayoko #5 Vol.15 Ch.084 - Queen Sayoko #4 Vol.15 Ch.083 - Queen Sayoko #3 Vol.14 Ch.082 - Queen Sayoko #2 Vol.14 Ch.081 - Queen Sayoko #1 Vol.14 Ch.080 - The Goddess's Apprentice Vol.14 Ch.079 - Pretty in Scarlet Vol.14 Ch.078 - Hail to the Chief #3 Vol.13 Ch.077 - Hail to the Chief #2 Vol.13 Ch.076 - Hail to the Chief #1 Vol.13 Ch.075 - The Queen And the Goddess Vol.13 Ch.074 - Childhood's End(Part 2) Vol.13 Ch.073 - Childhood's End(Part 1) Vol.12 Ch.072 - Men Are From Earth, Goddesses Are From Yggdrasil Vol.12 Ch.071 - A Goddess Never Forgets Vol.12 Ch.070 - When a Man Loves a Woman Vol.12 Ch.069 - The Dating Game Vol.12 Ch.068 - The Battle For Keiichi Vol.11 Ch.067 - I'll Do Anything For You Vol.11 Ch.066 - Fourth Time's a Charmer Vol.11 Ch.065 - Super Urd Vol.11 Ch.064 - Shadow & Light Vol.11 Ch.063 - The Battle For Urd Vol.10 Ch.062 - Skuld Strikes Back! Vol.10 Ch.061 - Evil Spirits: 200 Proof Vol.10 Ch.060 - Karaoke Hell Vol.10 Ch.059 - Sorrow, Fear Not Vol.10 Ch.058 - Play the Game Vol.09 Ch.057 - Fallen Angel Vol.09 Ch.056 - It's Lonely At the Top Vol.09 Ch.055 - Jealous Love Vol.09 Ch.054 - Together for Never Vol.09 Ch.053 - Law of the Ninja Vol.08 Ch.052 - Ninja Master Vol.08 Ch.051 - You're So Bad Vol.08 Ch.050 - Meet Me By The Seashore Vol.08 Ch.049 - The Lunchbox Of Love Vol.08 Ch.048 - The Forgotten Promise Vol.07 Ch.047 - Good-bye and Hello Vol.07 Ch.046 - Thank You Vol.07 Ch.045 - Mister Unhappy Vol.07 Ch.044 - The Queen Of Vengeance Vol.07 Ch.043 - Belldandy's Tempestuous Heart Vol.06 Ch.042 - Urd's Fantastic Adventure Vol.06 Ch.041 - The Trials Of Movisafa Vol.06 Ch.040 - Robot Wars Vol.06 Ch.039 - Confession Vol.06 Ch.038 - The Secret Of The Lord Of Terror Vol.06 Ch.037 - Urd Calls Forth The Beast Vol.05 Ch.036 - The Ultimate Destruction Program Vol.05 Ch.035 - Urd's Terrible Master Vol.05 Ch.034 - Urd Goes Berserk Vol.05 Ch.033 - The Goddesses' Big Crisis Vol.05 Ch.032 - The Third Goddess Vol.05 Ch.031 - Valentine Rhapsody Vol.04 Ch.030 - Mystical Engine Vol.04 Ch.029 - Sympathy for the Devil Vol.04 Ch.028 - The Scales of Love Vol.04 Ch.027 - Mara Strikes Back! Vol.04 Ch.026 - Ooh! A Powerfrl Opponent Vol.04 Ch.025 - Love Potion Number 9 Vol.04 Ch.024 - On a Wing and a Prayer Vol.03 Ch.023 - What a Miracle Vol.03 Ch.022 - Winner Take All Vol.03 Ch.021 - The Secret's Out! Vol.03 Ch.020 - Belldandy's Narrow Escape Vol.03 Ch.019 - I Want to Take the Exam! Vol.03 Ch.018 - Life's Just a Game of "Sugoroku Roulette" Vol.03 Ch.017 - Turkey with All the Trimmings Vol.02 Ch.016 - What Belldaby Wants Most Vol.02 Ch.015 - I'm the Campus Queen! Vol.02 Ch.014 - Sexy Sister Vol.02 Ch.013 - Ultimate Force Down Vol.02 Ch.012 - Leader of the Pack Vol.02 Ch.011 - Let Flowers Bloom Vol.02 Ch.010 - Naked Victory Vol.01 Ch.009 - The Apartment Hunting Blues Vol.01 Ch.008 - The Megumi Problem Vol.01 Ch.007 - The Lullaby of Love Vol.01 Ch.006 - One Wish Spirit Photography, Deepest Wish Granted Vol.01 Ch.005 - What Goddess Has Put Together, Let Not Woman Split Apart Vol.01 Ch.004 - College Exchange... Goddess? Vol.01 Ch.003 - A Man's Home is His... Temple? Vol.01 Ch.002 - Into the Lair of the Anime Otaku! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Wrong Number
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