Angel Sanctuary
Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary


Last Update: Oct 12,2007

Tag: Adventure Drama Fantasy Supernatural Romance Shoujo Mystery Gender Bender
Author:YUKI Kaori

The angel Alexiel loved God, but she rebelled against Heaven when she saw how disgracefully the other angels were behaving. She was finally captured, and as punishment sent to Earth to live an endless...more

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Vol (120) Order
Vol.20 Ch.006 Vol.20 Ch.005 Vol.20 Ch.004 Vol.20 Ch.003 Vol.20 Ch.002 Vol.20 Ch.001 Vol.19 Ch.006 Vol.19 Ch.005 Vol.19 Ch.004 Vol.19 Ch.003 Vol.19 Ch.002 Vol.19 Ch.001 Vol.18 Ch.006 Vol.18 Ch.005 Vol.18 Ch.004 Vol.18 Ch.003 Vol.18 Ch.002 Vol.18 Ch.001 Vol.17 Ch.006 Vol.17 Ch.005 Vol.17 Ch.004 Vol.17 Ch.003 Vol.17 Ch.002 Vol.17 Ch.001 Vol.16 Ch.006 Vol.16 Ch.005 Vol.16 Ch.004 Vol.16 Ch.003 Vol.16 Ch.002 Vol.16 Ch.001 Vol.15 Ch.006 Vol.15 Ch.005 Vol.15 Ch.004 Vol.15 Ch.003 Vol.15 Ch.002 Vol.15 Ch.001 Vol.14 Ch.006 Vol.14 Ch.005 Vol.14 Ch.004 Vol.14 Ch.003 Vol.14 Ch.002 Vol.14 Ch.001 Vol.13 Ch.006 Vol.13 Ch.005 Vol.13 Ch.004 Vol.13 Ch.003 Vol.13 Ch.002 Vol.13 Ch.001 Vol.12 Ch.006 Vol.12 Ch.005 Vol.12 Ch.004 Vol.12 Ch.003 Vol.12 Ch.002 Vol.12 Ch.001 Vol.11 Ch.006 Vol.11 Ch.005 Vol.11 Ch.004 Vol.11 Ch.003 Vol.11 Ch.002 Vol.11 Ch.001 Vol.10 Ch.006 Vol.10 Ch.005 Vol.10 Ch.004 Vol.10 Ch.003 Vol.10 Ch.002 Vol.10 Ch.001 Vol.09 Ch.006 Vol.09 Ch.005 Vol.09 Ch.004 Vol.09 Ch.003 Vol.09 Ch.002 Vol.09 Ch.001 Vol.08 Ch.006 Vol.08 Ch.005 Vol.08 Ch.004 Vol.08 Ch.003 Vol.08 Ch.002 Vol.08 Ch.001 Vol.07 Ch.006 Vol.07 Ch.005 Vol.07 Ch.004 Vol.07 Ch.003 Vol.07 Ch.002 Vol.07 Ch.001 Vol.06 Ch.006 Vol.06 Ch.005 Vol.06 Ch.004 Vol.06 Ch.003 Vol.06 Ch.002 Vol.06 Ch.001 Vol.05 Ch.006 Vol.05 Ch.005 Vol.05 Ch.004 Vol.05 Ch.003 Vol.05 Ch.002 Vol.05 Ch.001 Vol.04 Ch.006 Vol.04 Ch.005 Vol.04 Ch.004 Vol.04 Ch.003 Vol.04 Ch.002 Vol.04 Ch.001 Vol.03 Ch.006 Vol.03 Ch.005 Vol.03 Ch.004 Vol.03 Ch.003 Vol.03 Ch.002 Vol.03 Ch.001 Vol.02 Ch.006 Vol.02 Ch.005 Vol.02 Ch.004 Vol.02 Ch.003 Vol.02 Ch.002 Vol.02 Ch.001 Vol.01 Ch.006 Vol.01 Ch.005 Vol.01 Ch.004 Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.002 Vol.01 Ch.001 - They have Awakened "ASSHIAH"
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