Busou Renkin
Busou Renkin

Busou Renkin


Last Update: Jan 16,2015

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Shounen Supernatural Romance School Life Sci-fi
Author:Watsuki Nobuhiro

Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time! High school student Kazuki Muto had no clue what he was in for when he rescued damsel in distress Tokiko from a monster known as a “homunculus....more

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Vol (86) Order
Vol.10 Ch.083 Vol.10 Ch.082 Vol.10 Ch.081 Vol.10 Ch.079.4 - [Special] Busou Renkin: Afterward Vol.10 Ch.079.3 - [One-shot] Embalming —Corpse and Bride— Vol.10 Ch.079.2 - [Special] Busou Renkin: Period Vol.09 Ch.079.1 - [Special] Busou Renkin Finale Vol.09 Ch.079 - Boy Meets Battle Girl Vol.09 Ch.078 - Require a Decision Vol.09 Ch.077 - The Great Battle Vol.09 Ch.076 - Secret of the Mask Vol.09 Ch.075 - Infiltrating Newton Apple Academy for Girls Vol.09 Ch.074 - The Two Final Battles Vol.08 Ch.073 - Leave This to Me Vol.08 Ch.072 - Gone into Flames Vol.08 Ch.071 - Excel Vol.08 Ch.070 - The Determination to Protect What's Important to the End Vol.08 Ch.069 - Round Two Vol.08 Ch.068 - Meanwhile Vol.08 Ch.067 - Secret Passage of Shadows Vol.08 Ch.066 - No Regrets Vol.08 Ch.065 - Dawn at the Graveyard Vol.08 Ch.064 - Eater Vol.07 Ch.063 - Gekisen, the Cross Spear Vol.07 Ch.062 - Ikusabe Attacks Vol.07 Ch.061 - Who's the Monster? Vol.07 Ch.060 - Wind and Leaves Vol.07 Ch.059 - No Intention of Losing Vol.07 Ch.058 - Episode Zero Vol.07 Ch.057 - Runaway Start Vol.07 Ch.056 - The New Third Vol.07 Ch.055 - Rainy Emotions Vol.06 Ch.054 - One Heart, and One Mind Vol.06 Ch.053 - When the Nights End Vol.06 Ch.052 - Re-Extermination Complete Vol.06 Ch.051 - Crimson Ocean Vol.06 Ch.050 - Say It's Not So, Bravo! Vol.06 Ch.049 - A New Mission Vol.06 Ch.048 - Warriors Respite Vol.06 Ch.047 - End of a Battle Vol.06 Ch.046 - Heart Shift Vol.05 Ch.045 - A Spring Night of Two Months Past Vol.05 Ch.044 - The Pulse Quickens Vol.05 Ch.043 - Who Are You? Vol.05 Ch.042 - Papilon Vs Dr. Butterfly Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.041 - Papilon Vs Dr. Butterfly Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.040 - A Sign of Death Vol.05 Ch.039 - The Power Gushing Out Vol.05 Ch.038 - A Friend Of Everybody Vol.05 Ch.037 - Items Of The Same Type Vol.04 Ch.036 - Carnival Vol.04 Ch.035 - Thirteen Hours to Go Vol.04 Ch.034 - To the Hospital Vol.04 Ch.033 - Don't Give Up! Vol.04 Ch.032 - The World of the Hayasaka Twins Vol.04 Ch.031 - Familiars Vol.04 Ch.030 - Close Combat Vol.04 Ch.029 - A Lot in Common Vol.04 Ch.028 - Level One Vol.04 Ch.027 - Just the Two of Us Vol.03 Ch.026 - Training Day Vol.03 Ch.025 - The Hayasaka Siblings Vol.03 Ch.024 - Destroy All Enemies Vol.03 Ch.023 - Warrior Tokiko Vol.03 Ch.022 - Night in the Dormitory Vol.03 Ch.021 - Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.020 - Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.019 - Kazuki and Tokiko's Choice, Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.018 - If You Doubt That You Are a Hypocrite Vol.02 Ch.017 - Fade to Black Vol.02 Ch.016 - Butterfly of Black Death Vol.02 Ch.015 - Dark, Hot and Sweet Vol.02 Ch.014 - Midnight Run 2 Vol.02 Ch.013 - VS. Washio: Part 3 Vol.02 Ch.012 - VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 2 Vol.02 Ch.011 - VS. Washio: Part 2: Section 1 Vol.02 Ch.010 - VS. Washio: Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Other New Life Vol.02 Ch.008 - Lock On Vol.01 Ch.007 - You're a Little Stronger Vol.01 Ch.006 - VS. Kawazui: Part 2 Vol.01 Ch.005 - VS. Kawazui: Part 1 Vol.01 Ch.004 - Parasitic Homunculus Vol.01 Ch.003 - Homunculus's Identity Vol.01 Ch.002 - Midnight Run Vol.01 Ch.001 - New Life
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