Chibiki no Iwa

Author(s): HOSHINO Yukinobu

Status: Completed

Rank: 3162th Comments


A collection of horror-themed short stories. Most of the stories revolve spirits. Chibiki no Iwa First Published: Nemuki 2002 March Issue (Asahi Sonorama) The Yomi Vortex First Published: Nemuki 2002 November Issue (Asahi Sonorama) The Hisame First Published: Nemuki 2004 January Issue (Asahi Sonorama) Chigaeshi-no-Tama First Published: Nemuki 2004 September Issue (Asahi Sonorama) The Marebito Mask First Published: Horror M 1995 March Issue (Bunkasha) The Earthen Woman First Published: Comic Tom 1993 January Issue (Ushio Shuppansha)
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