Falling Alpha-Enigma: The Fourth Bath

Author(s): Nakai Gentleman

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 3785th Comments


This I of α is ... being held--Kuga Tsuji (Kuga-Tsukasa) is a scion of the wealthy that everyone knows. One day I met at a party was also the famous Saiko scion, Ameba. He was approaching to use him, but if he noticed that he would be detained and assembled. Even though I dislike ... somehow I can not resist Ameba. Deprived of lips, licking sensitive areas, wet aching holes. I do not want to admit ... I can not ... this I, this I of α, such a reaction of this-Pleasure that can be transformed body-fourth Bath Enigma to break the caste. Witness the new era of Omega Bath.
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