Favorite Concubine of the Pharaoh

Author(s): Xianyu Wenhua

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 8307th Comments


A premeditated traversal, a never-ending lingering. Mi Xiyao traveled through more than 6,000 years and came to 3100 BC. An accident happened causing Mi Xiyao to replace the identity of Pharaoh's future wife and met the young Pharaoh Menes who was full of enthusiasm. In the mysterious era where myths and legends go hand in hand, Mi Xiyao was embroiled in the wave of history, witnessing the unification of ancient Egypt with Menes. "I should go back to my time." "I have imprinted my mark on you. You can't go anywhere, my queen." A little change might create a butterfly effect. Everything in the future may no longer exist, how should Mi Xiyao choose?
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