Ginga Densetsu Weed

Author(s): TAKAHASHI Yoshihiro

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 13212th Comments


Volume 18Chapter 160-163
Ch 163 new Yesterday Ch 162 new Yesterday Ch 161 new Yesterday Ch 160 new Yesterday
Volume 16Chapter 145-147
Ch 147 new Yesterday Ch 146 new Yesterday Ch 145 new Yesterday
Volume 14Chapter 126-129
Ch 129 new Yesterday Ch 128 new Yesterday Ch 127 new Yesterday Ch 126 new Yesterday
Volume 12Chapter 103
Volume 11Chapter 85-102
Volume 10Chapter 90-91
Volume 09Chapter 82-84
Volume 06Chapter 49-81
Volume 05Chapter 40-50
Volume 04Chapter 31-39
Volume 03Chapter 21-30
Volume 02Chapter 11-20
Volume 01Chapter 0-10
A wild dog named Weed happens to hear that he is the son of Gin, the great leader of Ohu, who lead the dogs of Ohu to victory in a fight against the monstrous bear Akakabuto. Weed wants to find his father no matter of what. On his search, Weed meets many friends and enemies.
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