Growlanser: Heritage of War Comic Anthology

Author(s): Various

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 4029th Comments


A comic anthology with stories drawn by several Japanese artists. Each character has a short comic story; the minor characters get comic strips (4-koma). The stories are self-contained and do not have to be read in order. Once, an isolated island continent was plunged into war. The people who wished to end the warring revived a powerful weapon called the "Admonisher" and threatened the participants of the war with it. Thus all of the wars were ended by force. The people behind this called themselves the "Peace Maintenance Brigade." 20 years later the old men of the Brigade are no longer able to maintain the peace. Now war has once again broken out among the inhabitants of the continent. A mysterious famine has appeared, leaving the citizens to fight over what little fertile land is left, while the cities are constantly attacked by fierce amphibious monsters known as "Screapers".
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