Hajimari no Ryu to Owari no Ryu

Author(s): AMAI Maki

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 2630th Comments


Dragon of the Beginning and Dragon of the End is a series of interconnected oneshots in a high fantasy setting which take place millennia apart and portray the evolution of dragon-human interaction through the point of view of different characters. Story 1: Three people cross paths, united by a flood and a dragon. A man who lost his village. An old man who lost his child. A young woman who lost her people. Story 2: The king is ill. In their quest to find a cure, a priest and his band of soldiers enter barbarian territory. But the herb they need belongs to the dragons. Story 3: Dragonswood is home to dragons and the people who care for them. When a mage and his dragon are captured, however, war looms ever closer. Story 4: After a ritual gone wrong, a dry spell hits a village once abundant in rain. The arrival of a rainmaker promises salvation, but first he must get to the bottom of a well-kept secret.
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