Jitsu wa Watashi wa
Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Jitsu wa Watashi wa


Last Update: Nov 23,2017

Tag: Comedy Fantasy Shounen Supernatural Harem Romance School Life
Author:MASUDA Eiji

Kuromine is a guy who does not lie, hence his nick name “a bag full of holes“. But everyone has secrets, and even Kuromine has one. Meet the very lovely, elegant, and mysterious Shiragami whom Kurom...more

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Vol (220) Order
Vol.22 Ch.196.9 - Special Thank You Vol.22 Ch.196.5 - Omake Vol.22 Ch.196 - Let's graduate!!! (End) Vol.22 Ch.195 - Let's Graduate!! Vol.22 Ch.194 - Let's graduate! LQ Vol.22 Ch.193 - Let's Prepare For A New Life! Vol.22 Ch.192 - Let's watch the first sunrise! LQ Vol.22 Ch.191 - Let's return to the future! LQ Vol.22 Ch.190 - Let's have a christmas party! Vol.22 Ch.189 - The Truth Is, I... Vol.22 Ch.188 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi⑩ LQ Vol.21 Ch.187.5 - Omake Vol.21 Ch.187 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi⑨ LQ Vol.21 Ch.186 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi⑧ LQ Vol.21 Ch.185 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi⑦ LQ Vol.21 Ch.184 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi⑥ LQ Vol.21 Ch.183 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi⑤ LQ Vol.21 Ch.182 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi④ LQ Vol.21 Ch.181 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi③ LQ Vol.21 Ch.180 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi② LQ Vol.21 Ch.179 - Shiragami Youko and Kuromine Asahi① LQ Vol.20 Ch.178.5 - Omake Vol.20 Ch.178 - This time... LQ Vol.20 Ch.177 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko⑧ LQ Vol.20 Ch.176 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Vol.20 Ch.175 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Vol.20 Ch.174 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Vol.20 Ch.173 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Vol.20 Ch.172 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Vol.20 Ch.171 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? LQ Vol.20 Ch.170 - Shiragami Genjirou and Ryokuenzaka Touko? Vol.19 Ch.169.5 - Omake Vol.19 Ch.169 - Let's promise! LQ Vol.19 Ch.168 - Let's celebrate a birthday!! LQ Vol.19 Ch.167 - Let's find a present! LQ Vol.19 Ch.166 - Let's be self-conscious! LQ Vol.19 Ch.165 - Let's be devils! LQ Vol.19 Ch.164 - Let's be pursued! Vol.19 Ch.163 - Let's reveal the trick! Vol.19 Ch.162 - Let's meet again! Vol.19 Ch.161 - Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa⑦ Vol.18 Ch.160.5 - Omake Vol.18 Ch.160 - Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa⑥ Vol.18 Ch.159 - Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa⑤ Vol.18 Ch.158 - Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa④ Vol.18 Ch.157 - Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa③ LQ Vol.18 Ch.156 - Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa② Vol.18 Ch.155 - Aizawa Nagisa and Aizawa Nagisa① Vol.18 Ch.154 - Let's ease the pain!! Vol.18 Ch.153 - Koumoto Akane Vol.18 Ch.152 - Let's suck blood! Vol.17 Ch.151.5 - Omake Vol.17 Ch.151 - Let's bake sweet potatoes! Vol.17 Ch.150 - Kuromine Asahi, Okada Kanade, and Akemi Mikan Vol.17 Ch.149 - Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikanâ‘£ LQ Vol.17 Ch.148 - Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikan③ LQ Vol.17 Ch.147 - Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikan② LQ Vol.17 Ch.146 - Okada Kanade and Akemi Mikan① LQ Vol.17 Ch.145 - Akemi Mikan and Kuromine Asahi Vol.17 Ch.144 - Let's get along with our classmates! Vol.17 Ch.143 - Let's get Koumoto-Sensei Back! Vol.16 Ch.142.5 - Omake Vol.16 Ch.142 - Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-san Part 4 Vol.16 Ch.141 - Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-san Part 3 Vol.16 Ch.140 - Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-san Part 2  Vol.16 Ch.139 - Koumoto-Sensei and Sakurada-san Part 1  Vol.16 Ch.138 - Let's not have any regrets! Vol.16 Ch.137 - Let's prove them wrong! Vol.16 Ch.136 - Let's keep our promise! Vol.16 Ch.135 - Let's catch a good deal! Vol.16 Ch.134 - Let's worry!! Vol.15 Ch.133.5 - Omake Vol.15 Ch.133 - Let's seduce someone! Vol.15 Ch.132 - Let's learn the truth! Vol.15 Ch.131 - Let's go to the sea!! Vol.15 Ch.130 - Let's go to the sea! Vol.15 Ch.129 - Let's watch a hero show! Vol.15 Ch.128 - Shishido Shiho Part 4 Vol.15 Ch.127 - Shishido Shiho Part 3 Vol.15 Ch.126 - Shishido Shiho Part 2 Vol.15 Ch.125 - Shishido Shiho Part 1 Vol.14 Ch.124.5 - Omake Vol.14 Ch.124 - Let's change the future! Vol.14 Ch.123 - Let's charm someone! Vol.14 Ch.122 - Let's catch rhinoceros beetles! Vol.14 Ch.121 - Let's eat some Nagashi Soumen! Vol.14 Ch.120 - Let's ask for advice!! Vol.14 Ch.119 - Let's ask for advice! Vol.14 Ch.118 - Let's confirm it!/Omake 13 Vol.14 Ch.117 - Let's become a teacher! Vol.14 Ch.116 - Let's make curry! Vol.13 Ch.115.9 - SPECIAL Vol.13 Ch.115.5 - Omake Vol.13 Ch.115 - Let's fret! Vol.13 Ch.114 - Let's study! Vol.13 Ch.113 - Let's panic! Vol.13 Ch.112 - Let's play videogames! Vol.13 Ch.111 - Let's become a superhero! Vol.13 Ch.110 - Let's think about our future! Vol.13 Ch.109 - Let's take back our pride! Vol.13 Ch.108 - Let's run away from home! Vol.13 Ch.107 - Let's see the dentist! Vol.12 Ch.106.5 - Omake Vol.12 Ch.106 - Let's be chased by two crazy girls! Vol.12 Ch.105 - Let's fall in love! Vol.12 Ch.104 - Let's do an interview! Vol.12 Ch.103 - Let's train! Vol.12 Ch.102 - Let's listen to the students' concerns! Vol.12 Ch.101 - Let's go on a date!! Vol.12 Ch.100 - Let's go on a date! Vol.12 Ch.099 - Let's talk like usual! Vol.12 Ch.098 - Let's play dodgeball! Vol.11 Ch.097.1 - Omake Vol.11 Ch.097 - Let's show our gratitude! Vol.11 Ch.096 - Let's take back what we said! Vol.11 Ch.095 - Let's have a family discussion! Vol.11 Ch.094 - Let's keep up the act!! Vol.11 Ch.093 - Let's keep up the act! Vol.11 Ch.092 - Let's become seniors! Vol.11 Ch.091 - Let's Go Flower Viewing! Vol.11 Ch.090 - Let's Say Good Bye! Vol.11 Ch.089 - Let's polish ourselves! Vol.10 Ch.088.5 - Omake Vol.10 Ch.088 - Let's watch the president work! Vol.10 Ch.087 - Let's Talk Openly! Vol.10 Ch.086 - Let's confess! Vol.10 Ch.085 - Let's tell her! Vol.10 Ch.084 - Let's cheer him up! Vol.10 Ch.083 - Let's solve the missunderstanding! Vol.10 Ch.082 - Let's make her spit it out! Vol.10 Ch.081 - Let's try to stop him! Vol.10 Ch.080 - Let's Convey our Feelings! Vol.09 Ch.079.5 - Omake Vol.09 Ch.079 - Operation: Confession! Vol.09 Ch.078 - "Let's Go to the Tropics!" Vol.09 Ch.077 - Let's Surpass the Charismatic Pervert! Vol.09 Ch.076 - Let's Enjoy the School Trip Vol.09 Ch.075 - Let's Go on the School Trip! Vol.09 Ch.074 - Let's compete! Vol.09 Ch.073 - Let's go to a Maid Cafe! Vol.09 Ch.072 - Let's encourage! Vol.09 Ch.071 - Let's Give an Answer!! Vol.08 Ch.070.5 - Extra Vol.08 Ch.070 - Let's Give an Answer!! Vol.08 Ch.069 - Let's Produce a Date! Vol.08 Ch.068 - Let's figure out our friends' love lives! Vol.08 Ch.067 - Let's do some courting! Vol.08 Ch.066 - Let's Deceive! Vol.08 Ch.065 - Let's be mistaken! Vol.08 Ch.064 - Let's get out of a slump! Vol.08 Ch.063 - Let's celebrate a birthday! Vol.08 Ch.062 - Let's play with an angel's feathers! Vol.07 Ch.061.5 - Omake Vol.07 Ch.061 - Let's Reminisce Vol.07 Ch.060 - Let's let a demon play around with us! Vol.07 Ch.059 - Let's grant wishes! Vol.07 Ch.058 - Let's spend the new year with the Shiragamis'! Vol.07 Ch.057 - Let's make him nosebleed! Vol.07 Ch.056 - Let's visit the sick! Vol.07 Ch.055 - We're Lost! Vol.07 Ch.054 - Let's have a Snow Battle! Vol.07 Ch.053 - Let's go meet your admired person! Vol.06 Ch.052.5 - Omake Vol.06 Ch.052 - Let's go to Rin's House! Vol.06 Ch.051 - Let's Save Earth! Vol.06 Ch.050 - Let's Support Them This Time! Vol.06 Ch.049 - Let's worry in the right way! Vol.06 Ch.048 - Let's Woo Someone! Vol.06 Ch.047 - Let's go confess! Vol.06 Ch.046 - Let's stop the confession! Vol.06 Ch.045 - Let's support them!! Vol.06 Ch.044 - Let's Go Attend Cooking Class! Vol.05 Ch.043.5 - Omake Vol.05 Ch.043 - Let's make a decision! Vol.05 Ch.042 - Let's face it properly!! Vol.05 Ch.041 - Let's Think About Whether This is the Future Or Not! Vol.05 Ch.040 - Let's investigate the Seven Mysteries! Vol.05 Ch.039 - Let's go for the MVP!! Vol.05 Ch.038 - Let's go for the MVP! Vol.05 Ch.037 - Let's Join in on Sports Day Vol.05 Ch.036 - Let's Confront! Vol.05 Ch.035 - Let's talk about the future! Vol.04 Ch.034.5 - Omake Vol.04 Ch.034 - Lets fix that misunderstanding Vol.04 Ch.033 - See you! Vol.04 Ch.032 - Stay Over at Shiragami's House! Vol.04 Ch.031 - Sleep over at the Shirigami House Vol.04 Ch.030 - Get to Know Father! Vol.04 Ch.029 - Let's Ride the Brand New Car! Vol.04 Ch.028 - Let's Go Grab 'Em Limited Editions! Vol.04 Ch.027 - It's Wrong! Vol.04 Ch.026 - I Am... Vol.03 Ch.025.5 - Omake Vol.03 Ch.025 - Let's become feminine! Vol.03 Ch.024 - Let's find the glasses! Vol.03 Ch.023 - Let's go to a cake buffet! Vol.03 Ch.022 - Let's talk like men! Vol.03 Ch.021 - Let's Worry! Vol.03 Ch.020 - Let's go on a test of courage! Vol.03 Ch.019 - I'm gonna be able to swim! Vol.03 Ch.018 - Let's learn how to swim! Vol.03 Ch.017 - Let us form a contract of friendship! Vol.02 Ch.016.5 - Omake Vol.02 Ch.016 - Let's become an Adult! Vol.02 Ch.015 - Let's Verify it! Vol.02 Ch.014 - Let's Make Curry! Vol.02 Ch.013 - Let's Calm Down! Vol.02 Ch.012 - A Wolfwoman Has Come! Vol.02 Ch.011 - The Wolfman Is Coming to Visit!! Vol.02 Ch.010 - Let's Go to an Amusement park! Vol.02 Ch.009 - Let's think about his childhood friend! Vol.02 Ch.008 - Let's Find a Solution to Her Tanning Problem! Vol.01 Ch.007.5 - Omake Vol.01 Ch.007 - Let's All Forget This! Vol.01 Ch.006 - Let's Compare the Heights! Vol.01 Ch.005 - Let's Listen to the Class Earnestly! Vol.01 Ch.004 - Let's Visit a Sick Person! Vol.01 Ch.003 - Let's Eat Lunch! Vol.01 Ch.002 - Let's Follow Her! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Let's Ask Her Out!
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