Kare no Shouzou

Author(s): NISHIDA Higashi

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 1427th Comments


Not-so-prodigal son Natsuki, whose mother is a famous artist, came home to get some cash (or something that he can sell). Only to get caught and mistaken for a robber by a stranger in his own home. Turns out that, the stranger is a student/assistant artist named Asou, that Natsuki's mother has allowed to lodge in their house. Asou seemed like a polite, delicate flower and Natsuki enjoyed picking on him. One night, Natsuki takes a trip to an infamous gay bar and sees Asou there. Asou was showing a different face there. At first, Natsuki thought it was a mistake. He goes back again and meets Asou face-to-face and finds out about his true and horrible personality....
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