Killing Bites

Author(s): MURATA Shinya

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 24083th Comments


Volume 21Chapter 101-102
Ch 102 "My Brother Is Watch...     Sep 23, 2022 Ch 101 "I'm Going To Yawn"     Aug 13, 2022
Volume 20Chapter 94-100
Ch 100 "You've Grown-up, Ri...     Jul 15, 2022 Ch 99.5 Run N' Hide Inaba-sa...     Aug 12, 2022 Ch 99 "Mankind Is Not Weak...     Jun 29, 2022 Ch 98 "Who Do You Think Is...     May 21, 2022 Ch 97 "Give Up With All Yo...     Apr 15, 2022 Ch 96 "To Say the Least, I...     Mar 11, 2022 Ch 94     Jan 14, 2022
Volume 19Chapter 94.5
Ch 94.5 Run N' Hide Inaba-sa...     Mar 12, 2022
Volume 18Chapter 85-93
Volume 17Chapter 79-84
Volume 16Chapter 75-78.5
Volume 15Chapter 72-74
Volume 14Chapter 68-71
Volume 13Chapter 60-67
Volume 12Chapter 55-59
Volume 11Chapter 50-54
Volume 10Chapter 45-49
Volume 08Chapter 36-44
Volume 07Chapter 31-35
Volume 06Chapter 26-30
Volume 05Chapter 21-25
Volume 04Chapter 16-20
Volume 03Chapter 11-15
Volume 02Chapter 6-10
Volume 01Chapter 1-5
Volume Not AvailableChapter 95
People have been created that are human-animal hybrids, and powerful businesses bet on the outcome of their duels. College student Nomoto Yuuya's casual acquaintances ask him to drive them around to pick up girls one day, which he soon finds out means by force. The girl they kidnap is an animal-human hybrid named Hitomi, who slaughters all of them except Yuuya. Hitomi is a honey badger, which has been called the most fearless of all animals. Now Hitomi is assigned to stay with Yuuya, for his protection!
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