Kumo desu ga, nani ka?
Kumo desu ga, nani ka?

Kumo desu ga, nani ka?


Last Update: Mar 26,2020

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Supernatural Seinen
Author:Baba Okina

In another world, the Hero and the Demon King continued to oppose each other. As their great magic collided, the explosion crossed over worlds and destroyed a classroom full of high school students. T...more

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Vol.08 Ch.042.2 Vol.08 Ch.042.1 Vol.08 Ch.041.2 Vol.08 Ch.041.1 Vol.08 Ch.040.2 Vol.08 Ch.040.1 Vol.08 Ch.039.2 Vol.08 Ch.039.1 Vol.08 Ch.023 Vol.08 Ch.017 Vol.08 Ch.016 Vol.08 Ch.015 Vol.08 Ch.014 Vol.08 Ch.013 Vol.08 Ch.012 Vol.08 Ch.011 Vol.08 Ch.010 Vol.08 Ch.006 Vol.07 Ch.039.2 Vol.07 Ch.039.1 Vol.07 Ch.038.2 Vol.07 Ch.038.1 Vol.07 Ch.037.2 Vol.07 Ch.037.1 Vol.06 Ch.036.2 Vol.06 Ch.036.1 Vol.06 Ch.035.2 Vol.06 Ch.035.1 Vol.06 Ch.034.2 Vol.06 Ch.034.1 Vol.05 Ch.033.2 Vol.05 Ch.033.1 Vol.05 Ch.032.2 Vol.05 Ch.032.1 Vol.05 Ch.031.2 Vol.05 Ch.031.1 Vol.05 Ch.030.2 Vol.05 Ch.030.1 Vol.05 Ch.029.3 Vol.05 Ch.029.2 Vol.05 Ch.029.1 Vol.05 Ch.028.2 Vol.05 Ch.028.1 Vol.05 Ch.027.2 Vol.05 Ch.027.1 Vol.05 Ch.026 Vol.05 Ch.025.2 Vol.05 Ch.025.1 Vol.04 Ch.024.2 Vol.04 Ch.024.1 Vol.04 Ch.023.2 Vol.04 Ch.023.1 Vol.04 Ch.022.2 Vol.04 Ch.022.1 Vol.04 Ch.021.2 Vol.04 Ch.021.1 Vol.04 Ch.020.3 Vol.04 Ch.020.2 Vol.04 Ch.020.1 Vol.04 Ch.019.2 Vol.04 Ch.019.1 Vol.04 Ch.018.2 Vol.04 Ch.018.1 Vol.03 Ch.017.2 Vol.03 Ch.017.1 Vol.03 Ch.016.2 Vol.03 Ch.016.1 - -1 Read Online Vol.03 Ch.015.4 Vol.03 Ch.015.3 Vol.03 Ch.015.2 Vol.03 Ch.015.1 Vol.02 Ch.036.1 Vol.02 Ch.014.4 Vol.02 Ch.014.3 Vol.02 Ch.014.2 Vol.02 Ch.014.1 Vol.02 Ch.013.3 Vol.02 Ch.013.2 Vol.02 Ch.013.1 Vol.02 Ch.012.2 Vol.02 Ch.012.1 Vol.02 Ch.011.2 Vol.02 Ch.011.1 Vol.02 Ch.010.2 Vol.02 Ch.010.1 Vol.02 Ch.009 Vol.02 Ch.008 Vol.02 Ch.005 Vol.01 Ch.007 Vol.01 Ch.006.2 Vol.01 Ch.006.1 Vol.01 Ch.005.2 - Appraisal Vol.01 Ch.005.1 - Departure Vol.01 Ch.004 - LV UP Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.002 Vol.01 Ch.001.2 Vol.01 Ch.001 Vol.01 Ch.000
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