Author(s): Seva-san

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 1911th Comments


Volume Not AvailableChapter 1
Ch 1     Feb 1, 2019
Florida, 2022. When he turns on the TV for his early morning cartoons, Nick sees not the bright colours of a child's program, but instead the stomach-wrenching scenes of a genocide. 100 million dead...500... a billion. They're all just numbers at this point. 7 years pass and 18 year old Nick's sanity is growing thin as he struggles to find meaning. The deadly virus only targeted men, leaving the surviving males in a state of rarity. However, Nick isn't at the centre of a blossoming harem, but rather at the edges of the frightening reality that is isolation. As the relationship with his dad grows colder, Nick begins to quickly lose himself in the grief over his later sister, Angela. He has little left to live for, so vengeance is the only option. But the question remains: Who is responsible for her death?
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