Lowlife (Tae-Wook Lee)

Author(s): Hwa-Seong Lee

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 2510th Comments


Jerald never belonged to any group of people. The delinquents in his class considered him a nerd since he was shy and quiet and for the nerds he was lowlife since he sucked in school. This goes on even after school when he fails to make it into university and has to work at a minimum wage job. One night he forgets his phone and has to go back to the store he works in after hours. He finds his boss and his co-worker in the back of the store and tapes them with his phone. What is he going to do with the recording? Is he going to use it and become an abusive lowlife like some of his friends? Is he going to be able to live with himself if he does?
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