Maga Tsuki

Author(s): TAGUCHI Hoshino

Status: Completed

Rank: 425th Comments



Volume 13Chapter 61-65
Ch 65 Please make us happy...     Mar 13, 2017 Ch 64 I Don't Know How Man...     Feb 5, 2017 Ch 63 Pom Poko Poko Pom Po...     Dec 28, 2016 Ch 62 It Wasn't An Illusio...     Dec 5, 2016 Ch 61 There's Something I...     Nov 1, 2016
Volume 12Chapter 55-60
Ch 60 I'm sure they'll be...     Nov 1, 2016 Ch 59 Let's Enjoy the Fest...     Sep 14, 2016 Ch 58 I've Always Known     Jun 27, 2016 Ch 57 I'll Make Sure You H...     May 26, 2016 Ch 56 It Seems He's A Girl     Mar 28, 2016 Ch 55 All Alone From Now O...     Feb 29, 2016
Volume 11Chapter 49-54
Ch 54 Happy Birthday     Jan 27, 2016 Ch 53 Just A Gorilla     Dec 28, 2015 Ch 52 I Will Contect You     Nov 30, 2015 Ch 51 You Just Look Like E...     Oct 26, 2015 Ch 50 Getting The Wrong Id...     Aug 26, 2015 Ch 49 I Humbly Thank You     Jul 27, 2015
Volume 10Chapter 44-48
Volume 09Chapter 40-43
Volume 08Chapter 34-39
Volume 07Chapter 29-33
Volume 06Chapter 24-28.5
Volume 05Chapter 20-23
Volume 04Chapter 16-19
Volume 03Chapter 11-15
Volume 02Chapter 6-10
Volume 01Chapter 1-5
One day, Yasuke was working up the courage to confess his feelings for his childhood friend Akari. It was the perfect opportunity, since the two of them were going to eat dinner alone together at his family's shrine. Before dinner, he rushes through the daily shrine rituals and accidentally breaks a sacred mirror. A goddess, who looks like a cute girl, curses him for it, and now he will die if he's ever separated from her. All too late, he learns that she's a goddess of misfortune, and horrible things happen around her whenever she's upset. Will he be able to get the goddess to lift the curse? And how will he ever explain this to Akari?
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