Nonnonbaa to Ore

Author(s): MIZUKI Shigeru

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 5663th Comments


Volume Not AvailableChapter 0
Ch 0     Mar 29, 2021
Autobiographical tale in which Mizuki narrates the memories of his childhood in the decade of 1930, in Sakaiminato, a small coastal town at the southwest Japan. With nostalgia and tenderness, the mangaka narrates his first years of life within a modest family, the fights with his friends,the school and his first loves. The title character of the book, NonNonBa, is an old mystical and superstitious woman by which Shigeru discovers the world of yokai, supernatural beings and grotesque bestiary of medieval Japanese. Won Best Album at the 2007 Angoulême International Comics Festival.
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