Author(s): ADACHI Toka

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 56th Comments



Volume 19Chapter 74
Ch 74 Gift     Mar 6, 2017
Volume 18Chapter 68-73
Ch 73 If You Can Hear My C...     Feb 6, 2017 Ch 72 Negation     Jan 6, 2017 Ch 71 To Wager A Life     Dec 6, 2016 Ch 70 On High     Nov 7, 2016 Ch 69 Shinki     Oct 8, 2016 Ch 68 The Road Home     Sep 8, 2016
Volume 17Chapter 64-67.2
Ch 67.2     Jul 18, 2016 Ch 67 What Is Mine     Jun 6, 2016 Ch 66 Banked Fire     May 9, 2016 Ch 65 Counting the Days     Apr 6, 2016 Ch 64 My Beloved     Mar 7, 2016
Volume 16Chapter 60-63.5
Volume 15Chapter 56-59
Volume 14Chapter 52-55
Volume 13Chapter 48-51
Volume 12Chapter 44-47
Volume 11Chapter 40-43
Volume 10Chapter 36-39
Volume 09Chapter 32-35
Volume 08Chapter 28-31
Volume 07Chapter 24-27
Volume 06Chapter 20-23
Volume 05Chapter 16-19
Volume 04Chapter 12-15
Volume 03Chapter 8-11
Volume 02Chapter 4-7
Volume 01Chapter 1-3
Yato is a minor god whose dream is to have a lot of followers worshipping him and praying to him. Unfortunately, his dream is far from coming true since he doesn't even have a single shrine dedicated to him. To make things worse, the only partner he had to help him solve people's problems, had just quit the job. His godly existence and luck just might change when he stumbles upon Iki Hiyori and saves her life; a feat which also leaves her in quite a predicament so she is stuck with him until her problem gets resolved. Together with Hiyori and his new partner-weapon Yukine, Yato will do everything he can to gain fame, recognition and just maybe, one shrine dedicated to him, as well.
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