Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Author(s): HATTA Ayuko

Status: Completed

Rank: 559th Comments



Volume 16Chapter 56-58.5
Ch 58.5 The Worst Guy on Ear...     Feb 7, 2017 Ch 58 The Meaning of Happi...     Jan 7, 2017 Ch 57.5 Whenever You Say Wel...     Nov 1, 2016 Ch 57 Let Me See You Soon     Sep 21, 2016 Ch 56 Getting A Little Sen...     May 30, 2016
Volume 15Chapter 52-55
Ch 55 The Prince in the Ba...     Apr 18, 2016 Ch 54 The Result Lies in Y...     Jan 18, 2016 Ch 53 Who Was Selfish to B...     Dec 15, 2015 Ch 52 Path You Want to Tak...     Nov 20, 2015
Volume 14Chapter 48-51
Ch 51 Try Becoming a Witch     Oct 1, 2015 Ch 50 That Scares Even Me     Sep 6, 2015 Ch 49 Go Have Fun Camping     Aug 22, 2015 Ch 48 Not Good at Getting...     Aug 21, 2015
Volume 13Chapter 45-47
Volume 12Chapter 41-44
Volume 11Chapter 38-40.5
Volume 10Chapter 34-37
Volume 09Chapter 30-33
Volume 08Chapter 27-29
Volume 07Chapter 23-26.2
Volume 06Chapter 19-22
Volume 05Chapter 15-18
Volume 04Chapter 11-14
Volume 03Chapter 8-10
Volume 02Chapter 5-7
Volume 01Chapter 1-4
From Anime-tion Scanlation Erika lied to her friends about having a boyfriend by showing a picture of an anonymous guy who turned out to be a a schoolmate of hers and was shortly recognized by her friends. Their conversations then was overheard by the guy, Sata Kyouya. Erika went to explain and proposed her idea of faking as lovers. However, Sata who gave off the nice-charming feelings guy turns out to be a black prince and used her reasons to blackmail her instead.
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