Ouji-sama Nante, Kocchi Kara Negaisage Desu wa! - Tsuihou Sareta Moto Akuyaku Reijou, Mahou no Chikara de Mikaeshimasu

Author(s): KASHIWA Ten

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 2575th Comments


Volume Not AvailableChapter 2
Ch 2     Feb 23, 2021
I won't lose heart! This is a story about a villainess who makes a comeback with the help of magic after being driven out of her own country! Cecilia is a former noble exiled from her mother country after the crown prince broke off their engagement on top of making some false accusations. She flees with her mother to a neighboring country, Theophilus. Hiding her identity, she makes up her mind to survive even if it means living a poor life. Just when she settles into the commoner lifestyle, Albert (her childhood friend and the crown prince of Theophilus) appears before her?
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