Reverie in a Deserted Bus

Author(s): Shimamizu Eke

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 329th Comments


Volume Not AvailableChapter 1
Ch 1     Aug 8, 2019
Two short stories by Shimamizu Eke Reverie in a deserted bus: Yoshiharu lost her only skill, the ability to play the piano, because of stress caused from the immense pressure her parents put on her. In her despair, she tries to jump off a rooftop. Suddenly, a ghostly girl appears and introduces herself as Yume. Yume invites Yoshiharu to her "secret base", an abandoned bus. Yoshiharu decides to throw away the piano, her parents, everything, and follows Yume to her secret base. There, she comes to face Yume's past. "The two of us should just stay children forever" -- before the girls can finally get their runaway lifestyle... Kimi no itami wo kizamu basho: The smiling face of her childhood friend. The emotionless girl wishes for her to keep smiling in their normal everyday together.
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