S-Kei Kareshi Zukan!

Author(s): MASAKI Souko

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 13527th Comments


From Chibi Manga: "I’m sorry, but I don’t date classmates?" Of course it’s full of Igood looking guys! And of course I’m included too! Giving into the greatest omunibus! Cosplay Animal Rika, 19 meets Hajimi, a beast who is younger than her and has dream like uniform sex! Yokubari Na Ka-Ra-Da She got herself an extremely handsome company president at a group date, but the truth is he is extremely sadistic. Why is it that he likes to give out slightly perverted orders!? Ranpabu E Ikou! In order to pay off debts she started working at Ran’s Pub!? And besides, the store’s owner is extremely handsome…! Momoiro Heaven Ranmaru, the current top model, finds out Momoko’s secret and becomes a master and slave relationship! Atashi No Oresama The only person who can be Moeka Senpai’s unrequited love is me. What should I do to have her look at me?
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