Saint Seiya Episode.G -Assassin-

Author(s): KURUMADA Masami

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 10667th Comments


Volume 15Chapter 103-104
Ch 104 new May 31, 2020 Ch 103     May 23, 2020
Volume 14 Chapter 95
Ch 95     Mar 14, 2020
Volume 14Chapter 98-100
Ch 100     Apr 18, 2020 Ch 98     Apr 4, 2020
Volume 13Chapter 87-91
Volume 12Chapter 80-86
Volume 11Chapter 71.9-79
Volume 10Chapter 64.9-71.5
Volume 09Chapter 57.9-64
Volume 08Chapter 50.9-60
Volume 07Chapter 44-50.5
Volume 06Chapter 36-43
Volume 05Chapter 28-35
Volume 04Chapter 20-27
Volume 03Chapter 12-19
Volume 02Chapter 4-11
Volume 01Chapter 0-3
Volume Not AvailableChapter 102.5
Having been tasked with a secret mission by the Oracle of Athena, Shura travels through time and space to present-day Japan. There, he becomes involved in a bloody war against a group of assassins who are targeting a new reincarnation of Athena. Along the way, he meets fellow Gold Saints who have taken the same journey, but not all of them have come out on the other side as allies.
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