Shachou to Hisho, Ai no Shoumei

Author(s): MACHIYA Hatoko

Status: Completed

Rank: 20358th Comments


1-3) Yoshizumi has worked for a long time with his lover and secretary Osanai to start a company. No matter how tired Yoshizumi was or how long their day had been, Osanai could always seduce Yoshizumi into having amazing sex. But lately Osanai is troubled, and even though Yoshizumi wants to make him feel better, somehow things never go right, and just what does their handsome American client wants with Yoshizumi's lover? 4-5) Childhood friends Nishimura and Kawana have met in Tokyo after not seeing each other for years. Now Kawana, who is a mother-hen, takes care of unreliable freelance photographer Nishimura, while in his heart his admiration and love grows. When Nishimura joins Kawana on a business trip and ends up helping him out of a tight spot, how will their relationship progress from there? 6-7) Minemura's boyfriend, whom he had thought was a gentle man, had just broke up with him. Add to that the fact that he had made a big mistake in work, and his life is not going so well. A meeting with his supervisor, Kirihara, after work eases both men's hearts and troubles when they realize that they have more in common than they had first though. But Kirihara was lonely, drunk and desperate, so why does he seeks out Minemura again?
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