Shousetsu touko saito o riyou shite itara, kurasu no bishoujo ga dokushadatta

Author(s): GUNP

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 1524th Comments


There is a site called ‘’Would you like to become a novelist?’’, known as “Narima” which is enlivening the world at the moment. Rindou Routa is a user of Narima and at the beginning of the story, that day, he receives a merciless review from a reader named “AKNY’’, disheartening him. However, that evening he finds in the classroom a lost phone with the characters “AKNY” displaying on the screen, making the feeling of depression something trivial. While still in shock, Routa's eyes are wide open when the heroine of the academy, Akaneya Himeko, enters and says, "Ah, that’s my cellphone!" "It’s youuuuuuuuuu!!" "Gyaaaaaaaaaaa..."
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