Spirit of the Ocean

Author(s): Yi Huan

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 7319th Comments



Volume 09Chapter 31-34
Ch 34     Jan 13, 2018 Ch 33     Jan 13, 2018 Ch 32     Dec 26, 2017 Ch 31     Dec 26, 2017
Volume 08Chapter 27-30
Ch 30     Nov 18, 2017 Ch 29     Jul 2, 2017 Ch 28 Angel's Blessing     Jul 27, 2016 Ch 27     Mar 1, 2016
Volume 07Chapter 26.5
Ch 26.5     Apr 5, 2016
Volume 06Chapter 20-26
Volume 05Chapter 16-19
Volume 04Chapter 12-15
Volume 03Chapter 9-11.5
Volume 02Chapter 5-8
Volume 01Chapter 1-4
From Transcendence This fantastic story took place in the incredible Ming Dynasty of Imperial China. Ning Haier is a reckless pirate girl whose father is the leader of Ning Citadel -- the most powerful pirate den of the Southern Sea. One day, Haier led a band of pirates and looted a Spanish ambassador ship while her father was away. There she met a very handsome English man named Michael, who was a very talented translator and an extremely intelligent merchant on the ship. Marveled by Haier's beauty and character, Michael attempts to win over Haier's heart but failed! However, opportunity arose when Haier was captured by the new governor named Shao Zhixun, who vowed to annihilate piracy from China's seas forever. Michael was able to convince Shao Zhixun that Haier is just an innocent maiden who was impressed into piracy... and Shao Zhixun arranged a position for Haier in his own household! Even more interesting, Haier's father captured Michael and planned to collaborate with the charismatic and capable young man, and offered Haier as Michael's bride!
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