Strawberry Fields wo Mou Ichido

Author(s): KINOSAKI Kazura

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 11211th Comments


Kouno Akira, class president and otome game lover, has decided to never get involved in 3D love. One day she bumps into Sakurasaka Pure who tells her straight that she would be Akira's future "Amore". Not only that, Pure even transfers to her class, follows her around until Akira run off, telling her she does not intent to get involved in 3D love. Pure doesn't give up and tries to fulfill the wish of the 24-years-old Akira, who told her to look after Akira's high-schooler self. "More-than-friends but less-than-lovers", that type of sweet-and-sour youthful story starts here.
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