Sumomomo Momomo

Author(s): OHTAKA Shinobu

Status: Completed

Rank: 19646th Comments


Volume 12Chapter 84-86
Ch 86 Love You Like an Out...     Aug 20, 2014 Ch 85 Bye Bye Inuzuka-kun     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 84 The Final Duel (2)     Oct 15, 2014
Volume 11Chapter 77-83.5
Ch 83.5 OMAKE Momoko the Sex...     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 83 The Final Duel (1)     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 82 Yuuske Endou vs. Ten...     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 81 A Reason For Martial...     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 80 Breakdown     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 79 You Are Very Rude Fo...     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 78 Kouzan King of the J...     Oct 15, 2014 Ch 77 The New Miyamoto Cla...     Oct 15, 2014
Volume 10Chapter 69-76.5
Ch 76.5 Black Coffee and Shi...     May 25, 2012 Ch 76 The Plot to Defeat t...     May 25, 2012 Ch 75 High-Tension Momoko     May 25, 2012 Ch 74 Koushi Inuzuka, Mart...     May 25, 2012 Ch 73 Tora Tora Tora! ~Ret...     May 25, 2012 Ch 72 Thanks for Everythin...     May 25, 2012 Ch 71 Getting the Couple T...     May 25, 2012 Ch 70 Stalking the Double...     May 25, 2012 Ch 69 The Height of Arroga...     May 25, 2012
Volume 09Chapter 62-68.5
Volume 08Chapter 54-61
Volume 07Chapter 47-53.5
Volume 06Chapter 39-46
Volume 05Chapter 31-38
Volume 04Chapter 23-30
Volume 03Chapter 15-22
Volume 02Chapter 7-14
Volume 01Chapter 0-6
From Yen Press: Momoko is the only child of the Kuzuryuu clan, a powerful martial arts family with inhuman strength. But strong as she is, her father fears a woman will never be able to master the skills of the family. Unless Momoko marries and bears a capable heir, the Kuzuryuu line is doomed to weaken and die off! With this mission in mind, Momoko is sent to the rival Inuzuka clan, where she is to marry the son of their mighty leader. But Koushi Inuzuka abandoned the martial arts long ago. Now committed to his legal studies, the last thing Koushi has on his mind is marriage — especially not to the world’s strongest bride! Until the day that Momoko Kuzuryu, daughter of another great house, drops into his life and demands that he, the last scion of the strongest family of bushido martial arts, sire a baby with her. From that moment on, Koushi is forced to think and act faster than ever before as ever-stronger opponents appear to challenge him. The race to stay alive hinges on unlocking memories from his suppressed past and, possibly, unleashing his forgotten physical courage. And somehow, at the center of all those memories, stands Momoko. How can a wimpy bookworm survive the attention of skilled assassins for long? Then again, his opponents are discovering that some forms of strength have nothing at all to do with muscles or techniques...
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