The Timekeeper's Final Summer

Author(s): Ribbon

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 4797th Comments


“I will die this summer.” Eden is a member of the Timekeeper family, who possess the ability to travel back in time. Their date of death has been set since the day they were born... and the summer of 2018 is when Eden is destined to die. On that fateful day, , he decides to confess his feelings to his longtime crush. But Jay, who is straight and only cherishes Eden as a friend, is flustered by Eden’s confession and reacts badly. Caught up in his thoughts, Eden is met with a fatal accident—and thus his time travel begins. He finds himself on the last day of the high school summer camp training where he first met Jay. Given the opportunity, will Eden be able to change anything that happened on that day, 20 years ago?
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