Tonikaku Cawaii

Author(s): HATA Kenjiro

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 3991th Comments


Volume 07Chapter 69.5
Ch 69.5 new Aug 20, 2019
Volume 06Chapter 58.5
Ch 58.5     Aug 16, 2019
Volume 05Chapter 48.5
Ch 48.5     Aug 16, 2019
Volume 04Chapter 38.6
Volume 03Chapter 28.5
Volume Not AvailableChapter 1-75
A boy named "Yuzaki Nasa" meets a mysteroius girl and falls in love at first sight, seconds later he finds himself on the floor covered in blood after an unfortunate accident, gathering all his will he asks her to go out and she agrees but on one condition... to marry her!.
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