Trigger (TAKEMURA Yuuji)

Author(s): ITAKURA Toshiyuki

Status: Completed

Rank: 2330th Comments


Volume Not AvailableChapter 1
Ch 1     Feb 26, 2019
In the near future, Japan has become a monarchy. The current king of Japan has created a shocking new system for decreasing crime. There is a person known as a "Trigger" in each prefecture and Tokyo. These people are allowed to shoot whoever they decide is 'evil,' whether its a violent criminal or someone who reads newspapers annoyingly on a crowded subway car. Mikami Kazuya is the Trigger of Tokyo. He wanders the city, leaving a trail of corpses of 'evildoers' in his wake. He also tries to use his homicide rights to protect his favorite restaurant, where the curry reminds him of a home-cooked meal. However, his efforts may do more harm than good to the poor restaurant. Will the Trigger system really result in a better Japan?
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