Last Update: Jul 31,2019

Tag: Drama Sci-fi Seinen Historical
Author:KAWAGUCHI Kaiji

In the year 200X, a Japanese fleet consisting of 3 vessels leave on a mission to South America. After encountering a storm, the ship JDS Mirai find themselves without their escorts and in 1942, travel...more

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Vol (127) Order
Vol.12 Ch.124 Vol.12 Ch.123 Vol.12 Ch.122 Vol.12 Ch.121 Vol.12 Ch.120 Vol.11 Ch.119.5 Vol.11 Ch.119 - December, 1942 Vol.11 Ch.118 - The Rendezvous Vol.11 Ch.117 - The Last Mission Vol.11 Ch.116 - The Monster's World Vol.11 Ch.115 - The Dictator Vol.11 Ch.114 - The Eagle's Nest Vol.11 Ch.113 - The Chancellor's Summit Vol.11 Ch.112 - The Separation Vol.11 Ch.111 - Colonel Steiner's Last Will Vol.10 Ch.110 - Metallic Theatre Scene Vol.10 Ch.109 - Graf Zeppelin Vol.10 Ch.108 - No Heroes Vol.10 Ch.107 - The Dictator's Glory Vol.10 Ch.106 - Tensions in Europe Vol.10 Ch.105 - Flight to Berlin Vol.10 Ch.104 - Solitude in 1942 Vol.10 Ch.103 - Ghost Wings Vol.10 Ch.102 - Yosuke Kadomatsu, The New Ship Commander Vol.10 Ch.101 - First Class Military Uniforms Vol.10 Ch.100 - The Mirai's Victory Vol.10 Ch.099 - Starting Signal Vol.10 Ch.098 - Crossing Vol.09 Ch.097 - Manual Mode Vol.09 Ch.096 - Beneath The Aurora Borealis Vol.09 Ch.095 - The Evolution of the Mirai Vol.09 Ch.094 - The Battle Continues Vol.09 Ch.093 - Resistance Vol.09 Ch.092 - Preparing for a Battle at Sea Vol.09 Ch.091 - A Decision With A Mile's Visibility Vol.09 Ch.090 - In The Fog Vol.09 Ch.089 - The Night Before The Attack Vol.09 Ch.088 - The North Carolina Vol.09 Ch.087 - The Ultimate Weapon Vol.09 Ch.086 - Battles in The Northern Sea Vol.08 Ch.085.5 - Side Story: If you are not ashamed of your words and deeds Vol.08 Ch.085 - The Decision of Minister Kido Vol.08 Ch.084 - Off the Ooshima Vol.08 Ch.083 - The Mirai on Maneuvers Vol.08 Ch.082 - The Last Disembarkation Vol.08 Ch.081 - The Joker of the Mirai Vol.08 Ch.080 - Bonds Vol.08 Ch.079 - Wake 79: The Last Emperor Vol.08 Ch.078 - Wake 78: Gunshots During the State of Seige Vol.08 Ch.077 - Wake 77: In the Shadows Vol.08 Ch.076 - The City of the Conspiracy Vol.07 Ch.075 - The State of Seige Vol.07 Ch.074 - The Emperor Puyi Vol.07 Ch.073 - The Violin of Jiro Yoshimura Vol.07 Ch.072 - Congratulations Parade Vol.07 Ch.071 - The Colonel of Manchukuo's Forces Vol.07 Ch.070 - In Dalian Vol.07 Ch.069 - The Last Resort Vol.07 Ch.068 - The Fake Trader Vol.07 Ch.067 - Men Outside Reality Vol.07 Ch.066 - Landing At Yokosuka Vol.07 Ch.065 - Mitsumasa Yonai's Sincerity Vol.07 Ch.064 - Entering Yokosuka Harbor Vol.06 Ch.063.5 - The Setting Sun of Malay Vol.06 Ch.063 - Navy Captain and Chief of the Army Vol.06 Ch.062 - The Dead and The Living Vol.06 Ch.061 - Last Resistance Vol.06 Ch.060 - Sinking the Wasp Vol.06 Ch.059 - Impact Vol.06 Ch.058 - Warning Vol.06 Ch.057 - Corkscrew Vol.06 Ch.056 - The Decision of Chief Hutton Vol.06 Ch.055 - 1 vs 40 Vol.06 Ch.054 - Naval Battle off Saipan Vol.05 Ch.053 - VB~6, Bombers Squadron Vol.05 Ch.052 - I-21 GO Vol.05 Ch.051 - The Attack of the Wasp Vol.05 Ch.050 - The Bet of Samuel D. Hutton Vol.05 Ch.049 - The Other Staff HeadQuarters Vol.05 Ch.048 - Retired General Vol.05 Ch.047 - Tide Vol.05 Ch.046 - Reunion Vol.05 Ch.045 - Zipang Stiring Vol.05 Ch.044 - Landing of the Crew Vol.05 Ch.043 - Mirai, Towards the Island Chain of Truk Vol.04 Ch.042 - The Will of Lieutenant-Commander Okamaura Vol.04 Ch.041 - Saving the Camp Vol.04 Ch.040 - The Living and the Dead Vol.04 Ch.039 - Yamamoto and Umezu Vol.04 Ch.038 - Denial of Defeat Vol.04 Ch.037 - Frontal Clash Vol.04 Ch.036 - The Ideal Country Vol.04 Ch.035 - Reading you loud and clear Vol.04 Ch.034 - The Arrow of Sagittarius Vol.04 Ch.033 - Operation Sagittarius Vol.04 Ch.032 - 8th Division, Charge! Vol.03 Ch.031 - Guadalcanal's Longest Day Vol.03 Ch.030 - Guadalcanal Island Vol.03 Ch.029 - Advice Vol.03 Ch.028 - The Return of Corvette Captain Kusaka Vol.03 Ch.027 - Umitori, Towards the Truk Islands Vol.03 Ch.026 - Strategic Meeting Vol.03 Ch.025 - Exchanges Vol.03 Ch.024 - Umezu's Decision Vol.03 Ch.023 - Negotiations Vol.03 Ch.022 - Dead Line Vol.03 Ch.021 - Initiative Vol.03 Ch.020 - The Toshinmaru Vol.02 Ch.019 - The Pursuer Vol.02 Ch.018 - The Ghosts Vol.02 Ch.017 - Getting Supplies Vol.02 Ch.016 - Malay's Train Vol.02 Ch.015 - Landing Vol.02 Ch.014 - A New Mission Vol.02 Ch.013 - Attack Order Vol.02 Ch.012 - Retreat Orders Vol.02 Ch.011 - Ogasawara Vol.02 Ch.010 - Pandora's Box Vol.01 Ch.009 - Lt. Commander Takumi Kusaka's Choice Vol.01 Ch.008 - The Marai's Battle Vol.01 Ch.007 - Lightning Attack Vol.01 Ch.006 - The Marooned Vol.01 Ch.005 - First Contact Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Survivor Vol.01 Ch.003 - MidWay Vol.01 Ch.002 - Mirai - To the West Vol.01 Ch.001 - Mirai - DeParture
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