After the Frozen Heart Melts

Author(s): CHT、YOOMIMI

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 277th Comments


"To quell the magic threatening the world, Hestia was sacrificed as an offering. Reincarnating as Cecilia, a nobleman's illegitimate child, with memories from her past life." The life she had lived without her own will had long since ended. Whatever she had been in her past life, now she was living as her enemy's sister's maid. This was Cecilia's life as the nobleman's illegitimate child. However... Out of nowhere, the man her sister intended to marry, Duke Kilian Janssen, suddenly declared that he would marry Cecilia. Moreover, his voice seemed to overlap with a voice she had heard a long time ago. "I'm so angry because of you that I can't stand it." "...If you want to refuse, go ahead. I will definitely marry you." A man who approached her using the same tactics as in her past life. His persistent demands and obsession kept bringing back memories of her past life. Can Cecilia heal the wounds of her past and find her true life and love?
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