Warukute H na Oji-sama wa, Seiyoku mo Yappari Sugoindesu!

Author(s): Matsuri (松狸)

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 5717th Comments


"You're practically dripping after only being licked out." I couldn't help it. The tip of his tongue sent me crazy... This old man's techniques are incredible! Meet Misaki, an office worker who had just been duped by her boyfriend for not being able to enjoy sex with him. She goes and seeks the advice of her silver fox drinking buddy Mr. Asami, who just happens to be a playboy. Wait... what do you mean you want to test me out yourself?! Oh but, maybe with Mr, Asami, who has plenty of experience it might be different...? And so, expert fingers reach for her tingling body... they find her sweet spot... How will this end for the most unlikely of couples...?
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